Commitment to sustainability is the Pomar Junction way.

The history of the winery is tightly intertwined with that of the Central Coast Vineyard Team (CCVT), of which Owner Dana Merrill is a charter member, and whose mission is to identify and promote the most environmentally safe, viticulturally and economically sustainable farming methods, while maintaining or improving quality and flavor of wine grapes, as well as modeling and promoting the public trust of stewardship for natural resources.

Pomar Junction is also one of the first vineyards to be SIP-certified (Sustainability In Practice), a program whose standards are addressed in the many interrelated elements of the whole farm system: habitat conservation, energy efficiency, pest management, water conservation, economic stability, and human resources are some of the key elements of the program. Dana Merrill was critical to the development of the SIP Certification standards, which looks at the farm in its entirety: the worker, soil fertility, cover crops, wildlife, native plants, irrigation, and more. Pomar Junction brings this commitment to life in agricultural tours on their property which demonstrate sustainable viticulture practices to groups during a tractor-pulled gondola ride through the vineyard, hosted by Dana Merrill himself.

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